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TEKBAŞ GROUP, which started its commercial activities in Adana in 1952 and was formed as a group of companies in different sectors over time, has been in existence for more than 70 years. Essentially, it is the continuation and complement of each other; It is structured as a strong chain company, where its rings are interlocked with experience and value bonds. The Tekbaş Group of Companies is a leading company in various fields, including automotive, automotive sub-industry, agricultural products, agricultural tools, pesticides, insurance, construction, and technology. It operates in both new and second-hand vehicle categories, and it owes its success to the corporate structure it has developed, employing more than 500 people.

As the sole authorized dealer of Honda, Mitsubishi, and Citroen vehicle brands in Adana, Tekbaş carries out its activities in the automotive sector with Tekbaş Motor Vehicles, Tekbaş Commercial Vehicles, and Tekbaş Automotive companies. It offers sales, after-sales, and service with the principle of providing qualified services. In addition to authorized dealerships, Tekbaş also meets customer needs and demands in the body-paint, vehicle maintenance, and accessory categories for all vehicle brands.

Tekbaş is present in the second-hand sector with the T/2 brand in its branches throughout Turkey; Tekbaş Teknoloji company is reshaping the sector with its activities in this field. Tekbaş Teknoloji is a brand that aims to be a leader and provide profitable service with its potential to make a difference in its sector. It offers brokerage and consultancy services in all matters including vehicle sales, insurance transactions, appraisal, vehicle warranty, legal transactions and more in automotive; It continues its activities with an innovative service approach based on accurately determining the payment performance of customers with the financing resources it provides and lending in the right term.

In the field of single-head agricultural products, Tekbaş has facilities with a horizontal/steel silo capacity of eighty thousand tons, where it is engaged in grain trading, drying, and storage, particularly focusing on corn, wheat, and soybean. Moreover, it is involved in the production and distribution of pesticides and fertilizers. The company has successfully completed numerous projects throughout Turkey, with a prominent position in the market for drip irrigation systems, which are among its wide range of agricultural equipment products. Besides plumbing, pipes, filters, and similar infrastructure products, Tekbaş offers remote automation control systems, automatic fertilization systems, engines, and machines, all tailored to incorporate the latest technological innovations, providing customers with a unique and reliable service. Tekbaş Tarım, with production departments for certain product groups, collaborates with Netafim, Arılı, Poelsan, Türbosan, Sezer, Borfit, Heray, Klepsan, Pilsa, Ege Yıldız, Pan Plast brands as regional distributors for the products it sells.

Tekbaş Construction & Architecture employs expert staff in the sector and offers a wide range of products and services. The company deals with the sale of construction chemicals, paints, ceramics, heating systems, construction materials related to insulation and sheathing, as well as modern projects suitable for architectural and decoration applications. It provides distributorships/dealerships for Çanakkale Seramik, Anka Seramik, Kalekim Construction Chemicals, Kalebodur, Kale, Arılı, Ege Yıldız, EdilGres, EdilCuoghi, GPD, and Fawori brands, ensuring that its customers have access to high-quality products.

Tekbaş Insurance's vision is to enhance the security of life and protect our values. The company's mission is to be a strong, dynamic, transparent, and reliable insurance agency that raises insurance awareness in society, offering a diverse range of products and being the preferred choice of potential customers. As a member of the TEKBAŞ GROUP, Tekbaş Insurance conducts agency activities for Ak Sigorta, Axa Oyak, Türk Nippon, Allianz, Sompo Japan, Liberty/HDI, covering vehicle, residence, life, BES (individual retirement plans), workplace, and other insurance transactions.

Tekbaş Group, known for its past experiences in the industry, silo, plaza, and insurance sectors, has ventured into the construction field as Tekbaş Yapı. With the successful completion of two housing projects in Adana and Antalya provinces, the company laid the foundation of its third major project at the beginning of 2017. This new project aims to revolutionize the construction sector through the business partnerships it has developed.The project encompasses 600 residences spread across 48,000 square meters, consisting of 8 blocks. The first stage will include 300 residences, with an additional 300 residences planned for the second stage. The delivery date for the entire project is set for 2019. Tekbaş Yapı offers various apartment options in different sizes, catering to all age groups. The complexes are thoughtfully designed to provide access to education, healthcare, sports, and artistic activities for the residents.

In the automotive sub-industry, the latest addition to the Group since 2016 is Roks Automotive, a company that manufactures pick-up vehicle accessories under the Roxform brand. Operating from its facility in Adana, Roxform has established its presence in both domestic and foreign markets with the slogan "Super Sharp Solutions," and it reinforces its experienced workforce with ongoing R&D and P&D studies. The company provides high-quality standard and product assurance with innovative and technological approaches.

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