In the field of agricultural products, Tekbaş engages in grain trade and the drying and storage of corn, wheat, and soy products in its own facilities, boasting a horizontal/steel silo capacity of eighty thousand tons. Furthermore, Tekbaş manufactures and distributes pesticides.

One of the prominent offerings in its wide range of agricultural tools is the drip irrigation system, which has been implemented in numerous projects throughout Turkey.

Apart from providing infrastructure products such as pipes, filters, and other similar items, Tekbaş offers customers remote automation control systems, automatic fertilization systems, engines, and machines, providing a distinctive and reliable experience. Additionally, Tekbaş Tarım serves as a regional distributor in cooperation with Netafim, Arılı, Poelsan, Turbosan, Sezer, Borfit, Heray, Klepsan, Pilsa, Ege Yıldız, and Pan Plast, complementing its production capabilities in certain product groups.

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