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To be a world brand that makes you feel the touch of development and innovation in every field it is in.


At our company, we uphold the principle of equality for all staff members, valuing ideas and projects that stem from diverse perspectives, as we believe that differences make a significant impact. Innovation and development serve as the very foundations of our existence, driving us to create and maintain a culture where employees are oriented towards production and fueled by their passions.

We prioritize the employee experience and strive to add value to their professional journey. Our organization fosters a ‘WE’ culture where teamwork is celebrated, and a solution-oriented approach is taken to every challenge, leaving no room for problems without resolutions.

Join us in our world within a world, where the spirit of collaboration and the pursuit of excellence flourish.

To Become a Member of Tekbaş...

With the strategy of recruiting the best talents to our company, we conduct thorough recruitment and placement processes, aligning them with our corporate culture and job descriptions. We carefully select individuals who embrace the perception of 'WE'; where it's not about 'me'.Our core competencies, 'Customer Orientation, Innovation, and Success Orientation', are essential traits we seek in potential candidates.At TEKBAŞ, our employees work by adhering to the principles of "Speed, Transparency, and Trust," aiming to provide the best products and services, and to deliver a unique customer experience. These values are also the common behavioral indicators we seek in candidates who wish to work with us.We look for candidates who possess the following qualities: self-confidence, determination, willingness, strong communication skills, creative and analytical thinking abilities, as well as the ability to adapt to teamwork and embrace change.

Development at Tekbaş

With TEKBAŞ ACADEMY, we have designed a program that fosters the competence development of aspiring candidates in their careers. Through engaging training sessions, role plays, and workshops, we aim to contribute to the enhancement of both personal and functional competencies, making the learning and development process enjoyable and fulfilling

Scene at Tekbaş

Each TEKBAŞ employee is special. Through TEKBAŞ SCENE, we provide a platform where we actively listen to our employees' experiences, success stories, and even their moments of failure. With 'Your Stage,' we give them the microphone to share their knowledge and expertise. At TEKBAŞ, sharing is not limited to education; it is an ongoing journey of collaboration and growth.

Career in Tekbaş

You can take the first step to join our world and become part of the Tekbaş family by applying through, LinkedIn, and the Tekbaş Group websites.

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