Corn farming seminar for the farmer

Organized for the 4th time this year with the partnership of Tekbaş Sulama and Netafim, the seminar on Corn Cultivation was held at ATOSEV’.

Tekbaş Irrigation and Netafim gave a training seminar on corn cultivation and cultivation to the farmers who plant corn in Adana Chamber of Commerce Social Services and Education Foundation (ATOSEV) Social Facilities. Israeli agronomist (scientific agriculture expert) Prof.Dr. Eli Matan emphasized that farmers should definitely do soil analysis. The opening speech of the program held in the ATOSEV meeting hall was made by Tekbaş Group of Companies Chairman Süleyman Baş. instead of ancestral methods; to explain modern and contemporary methods and to be useful. I would like to thank the Israeli agronomist Prof. Dr. Eli Matan, who supported us in this matter and was among us”. Israeli agronomist (scientific agriculture expert) Prof.Dr. Eli Matan, accompanied by a slide, explained the yield difference between Drip Irrigation and Wild Irrigation to the farmers. In a study conducted in Matan, Ukraine; Average yield of corn irrigated with wild irrigation is 1100 kg/decare; He stated that the average yield of corn irrigated with Drip Irrigation is 1600 kg/decare. He also said that by carrying the water to the fields with closed and pressurized irrigation pipes instead of open canals, Drip Irrigation will replace wild irrigation and the yield will increase by at least 30% with this method. Drip irrigation in Egypt does not tire the field. The Israeli Argonomist, who said that it eliminates the risk of erosion, provides great savings in fertilization, that fertilization should be given in small amounts and when the corn plant needs fertilizer, emphasized that this application will only be possible with the drip irrigation method. He underlined that only tables are not sufficient to determine the amount of plant nutrients in the soil and the type and amount of fertilizer to be grown. The seminar, which ended after the questions of the farmers, continued with the dinner organization. Tekbaş irrigation managers, Netafim managers, agricultural engineers and many farmers. joined.

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